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Most services are provided via zoom and some can be arranged in person

What does it mean to be a sovereign creator?  Recognize it already exists (perhaps latent) inside you. You can direct your consciousness at whatever you want - how should that process be directed?  Surely not by the ego, but rather through the Wisdom of the Heart.  We all have a free will that we can do whatever we want with.  Surrendering our free will to the divine will of our Higher Self, coming into our Heart that is connected to the Heart of all that is. Trusting that our Higher Self already has a plan in place so that we can let go and flow within divine order.  All that does not serve this mission will simply fall away. Only that which is in alignment with the divine destiny set forth by our Higher Self will remain. We will navigate obstacles on our path with ease and grace.

Spiritual practice and the Medicine Path provide a way to Unite the Divine Feminine and Masculine, reconciling Heaven and Earth, as the Kundalini serpent makes it way to the crown chakra to become the plumed serpent/winged dragon, as symbolized by the Caduceus. This alchemical process helps to shed the dross or vrittis/kleshas/samskaras, which are the residual build up of egoic tendencies/contractions/resistance stemming from fear, that obscures the true Essence of who we really are. 

Many of us have a "witch wound" that has kept us locked down in hiding who we really are, due to the genocide that was committed upon hundreds of thousands of medicine women not all that long ago in recent history, as well as the forced forgetting in the burning of Gnostic libraries of Alexandria during the birth of Christianity as a patriarchal political move to replace the Goddess worship of our pagan ancestors.  Because our memories have been erased of our own European indigenous roots, we have committed the same atrocities upon the indigenous of other lands, which is now needing to be remedied and reversed if we are to move forward in a healing way that does not take our Mother Earth for granted.  We are now being divinely guided and reassured that it is safe to let ourselves be known in this dawning Golden Age of Miracles. 

Journeying can be done in many ways, whether we alter our consciousness with drumming, rattling, dreaming, chanting, spinning, meditating, breathing, or through the use of plants/psycho-active substances - all as avenues to explore deeper insight, inspiration and/or the unconscious.  Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy has become a huge buzz topic as it gains more and more traction as viable treatment for psychological disorders.  And of course Indigenous people have had relationships with Sacred plant medicine for time immemorial.  If you are interested in being guided with any of the above mentioned ways of journeying, please reach out to inquire further.

If you are already working with Entheogens and are looking for support, that is also available, especially now that psilocybin is being legalized in Colorado. For integration work, I have specific experience, training and networks with Sacred South American plant medicines.  I can offer counseling and guidance alongside your ceremony with Grandmother Doctor Ayahuasca and/or Grandfather Apu Huachuma.  The pervasive psychological issues of trauma, grief, anxiety and depression should be more explicitly addressed in participation of these sacred sacraments, so please know that additional support is available to assist your process. This would look like doing pre and/or post ceremony one-on-one sessions to better assist your intentions and integration towards your best possible outcome. This approach can help synthesize and enhance the already amazing comprehensive healing power of our Beloved Sacred Remedies.  Counseling and mindfulness can help provide an anchoring foundation from which to launch, navigate, and land your journey through the Multiverse with more courage and fortitude. Being able to address imbalances, blocked energy, or stuck emotions outside of ceremony can help the precious time while with the medicine to be more productive in clearing old patterns and maximizing the benefits you receive. Sessions can help build skills and gather tools through guided meditations, shamanic journeys, ritual, and/or divination.  Sessions work to bolster resilience and resources towards applying the wisdom gleaned from the medicine into your life back home.  Being present in ceremony provides the chance to worship the Divinity within all Existence and to give Thanks to All Our Relations, while honoring the True Nature of our Souls.  This practice inherently leads to the dismantling of old oppressive systems within and without, lending in our ability to embrace Harmony for the Highest Good of the Collective. As we find our own healing and light, we can in turn offer healing to others.  Any merit gained can be given back out to relieve the suffering upon Pacha Mama.  In these incredibly transformational times, amidst the chaos of the collapse, we can choose to show up in our gentle strength to assist in ushering in the new era of Embodied Luminosity in remembrance of our beautiful Garden of Eden.



Building resources is key!  Creating a daily personal practice is also paramount.  Empowerment through learning and growing, cultivating wisdom and compassion and living in congruence with your highest values.  What is your relationship to prayer?  How are you moving your body and connecting to your breath?  How do you contact Joy? 

Singing opens our Hearts, it is the devotional form of Yoga - Bhakti - as we align ourselves in mystical communication through chanting the names of God. Singing (as well as the limbic resonance of an emotionally attuned, safe, accepting, compassionate and loving-kind relationship) helps to bridge the head and the heart, so essentially represents the coming together of the Eagle and the Condor.  The Heart space is the Center within that interconnects and unites all of Creation in the Spirit of Love. Unconditional Love is the Boundless Spaciousness of Luminous ground that makes up the whole Universe. Therefore, we all have access through our Heart space to contact our own True Nature and that of all Reality. When we are in our Hearts we are tapped into What Is, the Great Mystery. 

 The mind’s proper place is in reflection of the Heart - What Is, which is basically what meditation practice trains us to come back to again and again. When the mind is cut off from the Heart (by way of blockages in the throat chakra for instance) it is left to its own devices, meaning it’s looped in upon itself, thereby creating neurosis and essentially a level of narcissism (ego conditioning/Default Mode Network) that drives the machine = the parasitic disease of wetico, which manifests in the world as greed/patriarchy/white supremacy/colonialism/capitalism. This in turn has created the severe imbalance of energies in the world that result in horrifying social inequalities and mass destruction to the living planet.  This can be seen as represented by “the fall from Grace” when we left the Garden of Eden with the onset of the dualistic mind, the illusion of seeing ourselves as separate from Nature.  Of course indigenous cultures don’t have this creation myth that shaped their cosmological paradigm and told them they were born with original sin and were banished from the Garden.  Luckily there are ways to heal this spiritual amnesia and many prophecies deem that we are coming out of this Kali Yuga in these unprecedented times we happen to be living in now, although it might get gnarly along the way, as seen with the COVID-19 pandemic. As my spiritual teacher, Jyoti, says “waking up is messy”.  Jyoti also often references the Kogaba people of Columbia in saying "focus on what is breaking through, not on what is breaking down, as the ending is falling into the beginning in 2026".

My work is to help people process unresolved emotions, thereby reconnecting to their Heart and come home to their True Nature. Becoming embodied through Radical Acceptance, which is the balance of two wings of clear-seeing and compassion, is the pathway to home/wholeness/oneness.  That is, we need to anchor and ground in order to transcend and soar, otherwise we run the risk of spiritual bypassing.  As we say in Transpersonal psychology, we need to first have a self in order to realize no self.


For more information about meditation instruction, please see my other business website at

I am a student and practitioner within the Tibetan Buddhist lineage of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche in both the Shambhala school and Dharma Ocean Vajayana school. I teach the meditation Shamatha-Vipassana, calm abiding insight meditaiton.

Our True Nature is innately wise and good.  When life gets hard, meditation can help us remember and reconnect to the peace and freedom that is available in any moment.  As a trained Meditation Instructor, my approach is infused with teaching the power of mindfulness, a skill that will benefit your whole life.

I strive to put people in touch with the medicine of their own bodies’ wisdom and the natural world, using evidence-based techniques that provide support and guidance on their journeys through the ups and downs of life.

When we think there’s something wrong with us, the only thing that’s really wrong is that we think there is something wrong.  When things don’t go our way, we create our own suffering by wishing things were different than they are, rather than exploring ways to embrace the moment and find the gift within. Meditation is a practice of letting go in order to find equanimity for what is.  Our resistance to accepting things as they are is the worst part, so the instruction is to instead turn towards and lean into the experience with a dignified and courageous heart.  When we can allow and be with whatever is present, it can then soften and release, instead of contracting and solidifying within the body and psyche which causes dis-ease.

This work empowers you with tools that will help you discover a sense of purpose and fulfillment in interrelationship.  I look forward to connecting on this powerful inner journey and welcoming you home to your True Nature!

 All fear comes from the illusion of a separate self.  It doesn’t do us any good to wish or hope that we won’t have pain in life, in fact it’s quite entitled to act as though we shouldn’t have any pain. Better to thank our ancestors for everything they sacrificed and survived so that we could stand on the hard earned strength of their shoulders in order to elevate and evolve ourselves towards more embodied luminosity. 

When we stop wishing things were another way, it frees up our energy to not only accept what is, which is the only real way to embrace truth, we also now have room for choice and creativity. 

Cultivating enough humility to really see when I’m acting out of alignment with my core values of kindness and compassion to admit when I’m being judgmental, petty or otherwise not my best self. Only from here can I actually see clearly enough to make a more skillful decision about how I want to show up, to actually stay in integrity with what I know is right conduct. 

Listening to the mind over the body is a form of colonialism upon ourselves. Assuming that the mind in better than the body in whatever ways. Not realizing that when we "should" on ourselves from our minds point of view of what’s right, we take away our ability of simply being connected to what is through our body and heartspace.


Please see my other business website for more information on massage therapy and cranial sacred therapy at 

Massage therapy can help with pain management and relaxation.

Stress is the number one cause of disease, therefore massage therapy could be considered the number one cure!  We all need to slow down and unwind the nervous system for our overall healthcare and ability to thrive.

Mindful massage will help you to soften and release all that tension you’re holding and replace it with more spaciousness and vitality in your life.

Getting a body tune-up is the ultimate form of self-care that will leave you feeling balanced, restored, and feeling great so you can show up as your best self.  You deserve this!

We get our skis, bikes, instruments and cars tuned, we also need to get our bodies tuned.  Massage offers regular maintenance and a way to say thank you for all that our bodies do for us.  Especially with the modern lifestyle of so much sitting, driving and computers, our bodies seriously need some attendance to counteract these chronic holding patterns.

Let me treat you to a choreographed sequence of specialized techniques mixed with intuitive flow that is completely customized to your individual needs.  My massages will allow you to sink into the healing space and come out the other side feeling like a new and improved version of yourself.

The session usually includes a synthesized blend of modalities I specialize in and find to be most effective.  People often say this is the best massage they’ve ever had!

After practicing for over 10 years now, I’ve come to appreciate massage as one of the best gifts of life – an extraordinary art and dance rooted in Loving-Kindness.  I marvel at the wisdom of the body and the power of touch to heal and integrate the whole person.  Massage can increase performance, circulation and wellbeing, while reducing toxicity and stress.  And of course it just plain feels good!  I genuinely love helping people feel good, so its a mutual benefit.   Simply relaxing should not be underestimated, as being in the parasympathetic nervous system of rest and digest is where the magic of our body’s innate healing capacity really takes place.

I like to encourage my clients to engage in a combination of mindfulness, breathwork and Qi gong in collaboration with the bodywork, in order to maximize the benefits.  Plus you’ll go home with a new tool to stay grounded and “charge your battery” with.

The head/neck/shoulders are my specialty areas of the body to do focused deep tissue work for people with these particular issues.


Please see my other business website for more information on a more psychotherapeutic approach at 

Life is hard & seeking help can be even harder. But no matter how anxious or depressed the situation may seem, it is always workable & I wholeheartedly believe in you! I love supporting people towards becoming their best self & specialize in working with women, couples, trauma, relationship issues & codependency. I’m trained in EMDR, PACT, IFS, Gestalt, & Wilderness Therapy. My approach is Transpersonal, mindfulness-based, body-centered, trauma-informed, strength-focused & nature-oriented. My job is to help you clear out old wounds so you can then cultivate your own innate wisdom & creativity in living a more fulfilling life.  I seem to work best with people who want to take a more unconventional approach to therapy, one that addresses spiritual aspects of the Self.

Certainly we’re all struggling with something – therapy can help.  

I apply an integrated approach to counseling that focuses on nurturing your strengths and resources, while teaching skills that cultivate your inherent wisdom.  I offer compassionate curiosity that serves as a mirror validating your own truths. This process will assist you in gaining more clarity and kindness.  Consequently, you’ll be able to navigate challenging life terrain with more ease and grace.  Furthermore, increased self-awareness and acceptance leads to a greater ability to respond with flexibility and choice, rather than reacting unconsciously through stuck ways that perpetuate suffering.

Our core wounding happens in relationship, therefore healing must also happen in relationship. Our trusting therapeutic relationship we create together is what will facilitate your healing and growth towards living a more fulfilling life. I create a safe space to explore and express through unconditional positive regard and by presently attuning with safety. You’ll gain embodied wisdom with here and now interventions that drop you from the head down into your heart/body where the true healing happens.

With a foundation of loving-kindness, I focus on what’s right with you, rather than what’s wrong.  Through deep listening I witness your authentic self and highest values without judgment.  Hence, from this centered place you can align your behavior towards success and feel congruent in your outward expression.

With genuine care and warmth, I support you to foster more balance and satisfaction. Ultimately this will empower your capacity to transform and thrive! Take the first step towards feeling more calm and clear by reaching out for a free consultation. 

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