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Awakened Hearts Healing Arts services include life coaching, plant medicine integration, spiritual guidance, counseling and mentorship, and various forms of journeying, ceremony and meditation. 

Have you been feeling the call to level up your spiritual leadership?  Are you ready to graduate from codependency and reclaim your birthright of Sovereignty?  Do you know you're a Lightworker but aren't sure how to channel your gifts? 

It is time to embody your Higher Self towards achieving your Divine Destiny so we can all help to anchor Heaven here on Earth. If you're longing to find your path to showing up in a soulfully satisfying way, you've come to the right place. Learn how to tune into the Sacred, trust your intuition and train as a Warrior of Life.

Join the Heart Consciousness movement towards Ascension of yourself & Mother Earth today!

My approach as your coach and guide is that every answer you’re looking for is already available within you. My role is to gently assist you in tuning into your own Truth by utilizing some of the following options customizable to your needs: talking sessions, shamanic journeying, divination tools, bodywork/energywork/breathwork, ceremony/ritual, body movement such as dance/yoga/qigong, and guided trips of inner and/or outer landscapes, as well as building resources and skills towards the empowerment of your most Whole Self. I am also available to facilitate entheogenic journeys and integration.

I am ordained as a Minister of Walking Prayer through the Center for Sacred Studies in Earth-based Wisdom traditions.  My background is in Transpersonal Counseling, Massage Therapy, Meditation Instruction and Wilderness Therapy. Although I also work as a LPC psychotherapist, as your AHHA Guide, my role is to assist you in your personal/spiritual growth as opposed to supporting your mental health healing.

This style of coaching is generally for people who have already done a lot of inner work and psychological healing geared towards clearing old patterns and wounds, thereby being prepared to turn their focus more towards personal growth and giving back.  For more of a psychotherapeutically oriented approach, please check out my private practice at 


Coaching, Spiritual Counseling, Mentorship and Guidance


If you are wondering why you're here and want to serve a greater purpose, but feel lost and disillusioned, I can be your guide.  Even if you are feeling depressed and/or anxious, this may be pointing you towards your spiritual dharma.  I am not here to provide psychic channeling, nor am I a Christian minister.  I can facilitate you to find your own answers within and I am more of a minister of magic Harry Potter/Bene Gesserit style - afterall, fiction does inform fact, and we are Sovereign Creators.  What are you plugged into: the Source, or the matrix?  What are you putting your precious energy toward?


Plant Medicine, Journeying and Integration


Learn how to tap into your creative genius and infinite imagination to find the connection you're looking for.  The answers you seek may come in unexpected ways, so we need to open our awareness for the possibilities to present, know how to ask the right questions, and tolerate sitting in the unknown with Trust.  Einstein is often quoted as saying “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” There are many powerful ways to alter our consciousness and escape the stuck loops of the default mode network (ego) in the brain. 


Meditation, Wisdomkeeping and Resources


Train and discipline the mind to relieve suffering.  Refine the ego to be of service, allowing the head to bow to the Heart on its return home to Wholeness.  Cultivate mindful-awareness and invaluable skills.  Foster a strong daily practice and good energy hygiene such as grounding, releasing and recharging.  Wisdom traditions have already done the work for us, we just need to turn towards the tried and true ways the masters have refined skillful means, thereby saving us from having to re-invent the wheel when it comes to navigating the hardships of life, which are inevitable.

For Our Work Together

  • Spiritual Counseling 

  • Life-Path Guidance and Coaching

  • Ceremony and Ritual

  • Earth-based Wisdom Traditions

  • Divination/Intuitive Arts

  • Bodywork

  • Energywork

  • Shadowwork

  • Breathwork

  • Dreamwork

  • Alchemy, Archetypes and Animism

  • Meditation and Mindfulness

  • Ancestral/Intergenerational Healing

  • Holistic Empowerments

  • Activating Your Lightwork

  • Embracing Your Divine Destiny

  • 3 Cauldron Attunements

  • 13 Moon Calendar

  • Inspire and Uplift

  • Escaping viral programming

  • Curating Your Own Unique Daily Practice With Prayer

  • Plant Medicine

  • Embodying Your Sovereign Divinity 

  • Reclaiming your Power

  • Returning to Our Garden of Eden

  • Remembering Who You Really Are

  • Recovery From Oppressive Systems 

  • Dismantling Colonialism

  • Transcending Codependent Conditioning 

  • Navigating Non-ordinary States of Consciousness

  • Bowing the ego mind to the Heart

  • Exiting the Matrix

  • Cultivating Inner Peace to Stay Poised Amongst the Chaos

  • Aligning With Your Higher Self 

  • Elevate and Exalt Your True Nature

  • Responding vs reacting

  • Manifesting Miracles

  • Moving Towards Self Mastery

  • Anchoring Heaven on Earth

  • Bodhisattva Bridging 

  • ​Joyful Practices 

  • Chanting/Singing

  • Dance/Body Movement

  • Deeksha/Oneness Blessing

  • Inspiring Awe and Wonder

  • Exploring Inner and Outer landscapes

  • Finding Balance and Boundaries 

  • Courageous Warrior Training

  • Leaning In and Dropping In

  • Biodynamic Co-Creations

  • Imagination Interfacing with Spirit

  • Dreaming an Ascended World

  • Understanding Initiation

  • Mysticism and Magick

  • Learning How to Let Go

This labor of Love has been a lifetime(s) in the making.  Because I lacked a coming of age ritual as a young teenager, I had an existential crisis (as many probably do) that led to the gift of knowing my purpose to help keep the Earth Beautiful.  Furthermore, I began to see that the majority of the dominant culture is not only cut off from the natural world, but also disconnected from our own bodies, and that the two are linked through the destructive oppression of colonialism, which wrongfully deems humans as separate from the natural world, as well as women's and BIPOC's bodies as less than and sinful.  We can't ignore the dire and devastating ramifications of this disconnect when it's in our daily lives as fires, floods, tornados and the climate change crisis wake up call from our Beautiful Planet.  In massage school my passion project was to help people embrace their SuperPowers - what if we believed our own magical abilities were real?  Later I started developing a narrative I referred to as "Earth Tribe vs the machine" as I apprehended the reality of the Holy war that is underway and the importance of knowing where our allegiance lies.  When covid hit and the world went into lockdown, I connected to the land I was living on, listened to the water, and went into deep prayer about how I could step up to be in greater service to our Mother.  The answer came from the Grandmothers of the Mother Earth Delegation of United Original Nations, and an invitation by the Center for Sacred Studies to become a Minister of Walking Prayer, of which I became ordained within the Starseed Clan in 2022.  This calling has been interwoven with the Wisdom of the Elders - the indigenous peoples of the Earth who received the original instructions from the Earth herself about how to live in a good way of balance with Sacred Nature.  Various prophecies have been guiding the way with this, specifically the Eagle and the Condor.  My Soul in this lifetime is fulfilling a covenant consecrated with SophiaGaia to protect and usher in the Divine Feminine Christ/Buddha/Heart Consciousness movement of anchoring Heaven on Earth by embodying my Higher Self design for Divine Destiny, and I am here to help you do the same.  The result is this offering, informed by the Present Moment, with the intention for the Greatest Good of All.  In Alignment with Mother Earth, Father Sun and Grandmother Moon.  Giving Great Thanks to the Creator of All Life, showing up to be in service and in Right Relationship to All Our Relations who share our Beloved Earth, and honoring the Star Nations from which we came.  This is my prayer.  To take up the mantle during these unprecedented apocalyptic times, when that which has been hidden shall be revealed.  It is time, the time is Now.  Not me, but We.  Earth Tribe warriors unite!

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AdobeStock_581025716 (1).png

Awakened Hearts Healing Arts

Oh Great Mystery

I pray

By The Divine Grace Of Your Unconditional Love

To Be In Service To 

The Most High

May Thy Will & My Will Be One

Through the Unification Of Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine In The Heart Space

To Create Right Relationship & To Protect The Sacred

Through Reciprocity, Reverence, Respect & Responsibility

By Walking With 

Humility, Gratitude & Trust

In This Beauty Way

Of Living In The Heart

With Wisdom, Compassion & Equanimity

For The Liberation Of All Beings

It Is Done

It Is Done

It Is Done

And So It Is.

I give great thanks for the Land I live on, the spirits and ancestors of this Land, and the Indigenous people who have been the stewards and true caretakers of this Land.  Where I live in Ridgway, CO this is the native territory of the Ute Nation.  This land was wrongfully taken away from them, as well as genocide upon their people and culture in the name of the Catholic church as put forth by the Vatican through the papal bulls doctrine of discovery, which dictated that Native people were less than human, should be forced to assimilate to the church or be slaughtered and their land stolen.  Thankfully this has recently been formally repudiated by the Vatican itself in recognition of the severe harm it has caused.  I pray that the sacred territories be given back to the original people who received the original principles about how to live in a good way of harmony upon our sacred Mother. I pray for the protection of all Sacred lands from extraction for profit.  I pray that reparations continue to be made for BIPOC communities that have faced oppression at the hands of misguided colonialism and imperialism.  I pray that all life be upheld as Sacred, while Ecocide continue to be recognized, as it now has been by the EU parliament, as any significant harm done to the Earth considered to be a crime against humanity.  

I give thanks for the 7 directions and their associated elements and systems within us: East/air/mind, South/fire/energy, West/water/emotion, North/earth/body, Within/Spirit/Love, above and below.  I give thanks to All Our Relations that we share our Mother Earth with, the Sacred animal and plant kingdoms that have intrinsic value in and of themselves, while also teaching and giving us so much medicine that sustains Life.  I give great thanks to the Earth herself, for all the Abundance that she provides for us on every level, indeed, everything we have comes from her.  I give thanks for all our Ascended Masters, teachers, guides, ancestors, angels, benevolent spirits and allies who have paved the way of Light for us to follow. I give thanks to the ancient ancestral DNA that is guiding our cells toward an enlightened evolution and all the wisdom traditions that we have access to for our continued well-being.  I give thanks to our families, friends and communities that have given all their support along the path, especially our ancestors who sacrificed and survived so much so that we could be here as the answer to their prayers - may we pay that forward for 7 generations to come. I give thanks to the living, breathing, walking miracles of our bodies that do so much for us every single day, may we treat them as the temple vessels they are.  I give thanks to our right livelihoods that allow us to live in relative comfort and security and I pray that all beings be warm and fed. I give thanks for the four immeasurable aspects of existence that constitute our True Nature: Joy, Loving-Kindness, Compassion, and Equanimity. 

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